Path after Graduation

Jobs Work involving the development of functional materials, devices, and systems for use in automobiles or aircraft Work involving the development of devices or materials related to electricity, electronics, or machinery Work involving the development of green energy materials Work involving the application of physics on the nanoscale level to develop precision measuring equipment Work that involves the use of computers to design new devices or systems
Potential Opportunities
Industries Automobile, automotive parts, and aerospace industries Electrical equipment and telecommunication equipment industries Energy-related industries Precision equipment industry Information system industry

Transportation equipment industry

Nanotech industry

Some of our successful alumni

Takashi Ishidera(Former President of Hosei Brake Industry Co., Ltd.; graduated 1964)
Yasuyoshi Kawamatsu(Executive Vice President of Okaya & Co., Ltd.; graduated 1970)
Kouichi Ina(Former Chairman and Executive Director of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.; graduated 1971)
Hiroyuki Yokoyama(Executive Vice President of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.; graduated 1974)
Junichi Kagawa(Board Director of CKD Corp.; graduated 1974)
Mikio Asano(Former Executive Vice President of Toyota Tsusho Corporation; graduated 1975)
Takahiro Suzuki(Senior Executive Officer of NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.; graduated 1974)
Hiroshi Kojima(Board Director of Tokai Television Broadcasting, Ltd.; graduated 1981)
Eiichi Ono(Head of the Mechanical Div. II at Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.; graduated 1985)

Major Occupational and Continuing Education Destinations

Graph of 2014 Results


Individuals who continue into Master's programs in graduate school obtain their Master's degrees after two years and find employment in the private sector or government agencies.

List of Occupational and Continuing Education Destinations for 2013?2014 (selected)


Aichi Steel; Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal; Sumitomo Metal Mining; Daido Steel; TYK; NGK Insulators; NGK Spark Plug Co.; Polyplastics; Mino Ceramic; Yamani Paper Industrial

Automobiles and Machinery

Aisin AW; Aisin AI; Aisin Seiki; Advics; Isuzu Motors; Imabari Shipbuilding; NTN; Kawamoto Pump Mfg.; Kojima Industries; Komatsu; CJV International; Jatco; SCREEN Holdings; Suzuki; Pacific Industrial; Taiho Kogyo; Denso; Tokai Rika; Toyota Motor; Toyota Industries; Toyota Auto Body; Toyoda Iron Works; Toyota Boshoku; Nippon Sharyo; Futaba Industrial; Howa Machinery; Matsuo Industries; Mitsubishi Motors

Telecommunications and Services

Abeam Systems; Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank; OBIC; Chubu Telecommunications; Central Japan Railway Company; Benesse InfoShell; Yume Technology

Electrical and Electronic Parts

Asmo; IBIDEN; Kawamura Electric; Koito Manufacturing; Sumitomo Electric Industries; NIDEK; Hamamatsu Photonics; Brother Industries; Hoshizaki Electric; Mitsubishi Electric Engineering

Chemical and Energy

Shinryo; Chubu Gas; Paloma; Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems; Rinnai

Government Agencies and Research Institutions

Daido Bunseki Research

Continuing Education

Kyoto Institute of Technology; University of Tsukuba; Tokyo Institute of Technology; Nagoya Institute of Technology; Nagoya University; Nara Institute of Science and Technology; Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

The physical engineering department is newly established and does not yet have any graduates.
Listed here are the major career paths for the former Materials Function Program (Department of Environmental and Materials Engineering) and Fine Measurement Program (Department of Mechanical Engineering) as well as the Graduate School's Materials Function and Design major (Department of Materials Science and Engineering), Fine Measurements major (Department of Engineering Physics, Electronics, and Mechanics), and Department of Scientific and Engineering Simulation.